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The Best Way to Learn English is Practice a Lot

Studying language, either English or French, is like learning to play a musical instrument. Whether you want to learn how to speak English or French, learn how to improve reading English or French, the more you practice - especially spoken language, the better you get at all the other skills. It's a simple principle. It's still a lot of work, but if you follow that, you will be successful.  

Most ESL/FSL classes spend too much time learning English/French grammar. It's true that grammar is important, but learning language is like learning to swim.  You can't do it by reading a book -- you have to practice!  

  • GEOS' ESL/FSL courses are designed to give students more practice.
  • GEOS students have English or French classes every day for just Speaking and Listening.
  • Because GEOS has more English and French speaking classes, our students learn language faster.
Program OptionSample TimetableLessons per WeekHours per WeekVisa Eligible
Super-Intensive English Timetable4030Study or Visitor Permits
Intensive English Timetable3022.5Study or Visitor Permits
Standard English Timetable2015Visitor Permits
Part-Time English Timetable107.5Visitor Permits

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