IELTS Test Results

You can see your IELTS test results on the 13th day after your test.
For security reasons, we will not share test results over e-mail or phone.

On the British Council Online Registration System, you can view your results by entering the e-mail and password you used to create your test-taker account. 



If you requested your personal Test Result Form (TRF) as a physical copy, it will be available for pick-up at our centre for two months* after test day. Please note that you will need to show us the piece of ID used for your test to pick up your TRF.

If you want to arrange for someone else to pick up your TRF from our centre, please notify us by e-mail with their full name and ID number (passport or PR Card). When they arrive to pick up your TRF, they will need to bring:

  • A copy of the ID you used for the test
  • A signed letter from you authorizing them to pick up your TRF
  • Their ID to match the number you gave us


*TRFs not picked up within 2 months of test day will be securely destroyed.

When you register to take the IELTS at GEOS Montreal, you may request to receive one personal TRF by mail.

For IELTS Academic, you may request us to mail your TRFs to up to five recognized institutions for no extra fee, from the time you register up to 24 hours before your test day.

For IELTS General Training, you may request one TRF to be sent to a recognized institution for immigration purposes at no extra fee, if requested at least 24 hours before your test day.

You may choose to have all your TRFs mailed with a tracking number for an additional fee :

  • $30 for TRFs sent across Canada
  • $50 for TRFs sent to the U.S
  • $80 for TRFs sent to the rest of the world

Ordering Additional Test Result Forms

IELTS test scores are relevant for 2 years after test day. If you want us to send additional TRFs to Recognized Organizations, please e-mail us a completed Application for Additional TRFs.

The fees for each additional TRF are :

  • $30 for TRFs sent across Canada
  • $50 for TRFs sent to the U.S
  • $80 for TRFs sent to the rest of the world

To pay for your additional TRFs, click here.

Not happy with your results ? Here's what you can do.

  • E-mail us the completed Enquiry on Results (EOR) Form within six weeks of your test.
  • Pay the EOR fee ($200) online. You may choose to have one or more of the sections re-marked for the same fee.
  • You will receive an EOR letter with your final results after a maximum of 21 days.
  • If your results change, you will need to submit your previous TRF before we can issue you a new one. We will also refund your EOR fee if there is a change in your results.

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