Customized Academic Tutoring - Private and Small Classes Available!

Program Description

With over 40 years of experience in providing English education to global students, GEOS is your best choice for local Montreal students who need to improve their language skills or want an edge that only extra help can deliver.

We can offer small group classes in afternoons and evenings to help students read, write and improve English grammar.  Private classes for even more tailored support can be arranged.  Our GEOS students benefit from our skilled teachers training them to improve and learn what areas to focus on in self-study. 

Our students have gone on to Ivy League schools, international universities as well as graduation with honours.  We are positive we will be able to help the student in your life reach their goal.s

Weeks4 Weeks8 Weeks12 Weeks
Small Group Class 90 Mins
90 Mins90 Mins
Once Per week240 CAD480 CAD760 CAD
Twice Per week480 CAD960 CAD1440 CAD
Private Class650 CAD10 x 60 min Sessions 




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