10 Winter Activities in Montreal

Over the years, Montreal has truly become a winter city. It offers many fascinating winter events and activities. It presents a new way of enjoying the chilly months!

Top 10 things to do in Montreal this winter:

10. Winter Lights Photo Walk

Take a walk and enjoy the beauty of the lights, snowy buildings, and decorations in Montreal.

9. Ice Skating

A winter must! Usually free of charge for those who bring their own skates. Montreal skating rinks offer a cheap, easy to learn activity great for all sorts of occasions, especially if it's your first year adapting to Montreal's chilly weather.

8. Montreal en Lumière Festival

Is known for its large outdoor activities! This festival offers splendid food experiences and events that every connoisseur should try! 

7. The Cabane à Sucre au Pied de Cochon

Is an amazing culinary experience. Make sure you get a reservation because it can get fully booked up a few months in advance!

6. The Nordic Terrace (Top of S.A.T)

The people at S.A.T have built a traditionally designed Tepee! Once you’re inside you can enjoy many delicious culinary creations. 

5. Take the Mile End foodie tour

The Mile-end is famous for its culinary diversity. It also happens to be the best place to eat Montreal food specialities and discover the fine products of Quebec.

4. Cardinal Salon, Tea Room in the Mile End

Enjoy a delicious cup of tea at this delicate tea house. It is a refreshing addition to a coffee saturated neighbourhood. 

3. Igloofest

Is an outdoor electronic music event that has become world famous. Iconic DJ’s frequent the outdoor scene every year!

2. Ice fishing in Old Montreal

Enjoy a refreshing, affordable and natural adventure at Pêche Vieux-Montréal!

1Horse Drawn Sleigh Rides

Grab a blanket, a thermos of hot chocolate and enjoy the magical white winter wonderland at Mont Royal Park.

Don’t forget for those cold winter days you will need these essentials: Coat, Boots, Hat, Scarf and Gloves! 

Where to buy: 

  • Winners- they carry brand name stock surpluses for about half the price. 
  • Second-hand options including Salvation Army, Renaissance, Village des Valeurs. 
  • Classified Ads 
  • Thrift Shops-  Eva B – One of the hipster’s Holy Grail, combining all things cool and hip into one space. They even have a $1 section, where everything is one dollar!!!